GR11 Week 2: Through the limestone crags of Navarra to the foot of the mountains

mountains closer

Trekking through the high country of Navarre, the main Pyrenean massif is suddenly much closer.

Hi folks, just an update to say that our blog for week 2 is imminent…we have been out in the hills for days with no Wi-Fi! All is well, we are deep into the mountains now, the going is hard…so hard at times, but the beauty is worth every aching mile. We have traversed alpine water meadows and struggled over high passes with swifts whizzing past us in a sky of deepest blue.

We watched the dawn from our camp spot high in the mountains this morning, the sun rose behind the granite spires and sent great shafts of light across the valleys below. Chamois grazed above us and the vultures began to soar. Some great wildlife sightings to follow in the blog.

We have to get to the next town (Sallent de Gallengo) over a high pass by tomorrow as there is a thunderstorm pending (and they are mighty!). Adios for now, we’ll update very soon…with plenty of pics.

Rebecca and Barry

One thought on “GR11 Week 2: Through the limestone crags of Navarra to the foot of the mountains

  1. September 9, 2015

    Go Barry! Go Rebecca!
    I envy your determination and will, your focus and persistence. Though I’ve hiked a couple of times around the planet by now, my body is getting pretty stiff from it all! visiting you in England is still one of my hopes because you can show me the best of your birds, and take me day-hiking in the best places! I’ll watch for a time when I can come to visit.

    Keep it up Rebecca! Keep going Barry!

    Michael Olwyler
    Protected Area Management Consultant


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