Preparations for the Cumbria Way.

Cumbria Way1

Only 5 days to go before we start our Cumbria Way adventure, a 74 mile trail that cuts a swathe through Cumbria from Ulverston to Carlisle. We will wild-camp along the route and carry all our gear on our backs.  We will be using the new Cicerone guide by John Gillham (supplemented by OS Explorer 1:25,000 maps), which also offers a number of mountain day alternatives for extra challenge. Weather permitting we hope to tackle some of these.  The book breaks the whole route into 5 daily stages of between 14-18 miles in length. With eight days available, we will split many of these stages into two days, enabling us to camp up in the fells, enjoy the scenery and build trail fitness gradually. Apart from being a worthy walk in its own right, our week on the Cumbria Way will be a trial run, replicating a week on the GR11 (which is fast approaching in August), and give us the chance to test our kit and our fitness. Our trail journal to follow shortly.

2 thoughts on “Preparations for the Cumbria Way.

  1. Rebecca and Bary! You’ll have a grand time hurrumphing along the G11. Sounds like a great experience coming, and different from our travels in SE Asia. Have a great time and a great experience! If I lived closed I’d come join you for a few nights somewhere along your route! Let me know what birds you get to see.



    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for checking out our blog and great to hear from you! Yes, GR11 is looming fast now and so much to do and think about before we leave. Looking forward to the freedom and simplicity of the mountains, we’ll be posting out adventures on the blog, including pictures and wildlife sightings so please keeping checking. Hoping for up-close views of Lammergier and Golden Eagle. We may have the option to come hiking in the Sierras (possibly next year), so will be in touch to see if you are around.

      Best Wishes, Rebecca and Barry


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