GR1 Week 5: Long, Lonely Days Through the Land of Aragon

Week 5 has taken us along some lonely remote sections of trail and cut a cross-section through the varied landscapes of Aragon, from the Sierra de Guara to the Hoya de Huesca and the towering red cliffs of Riglos. The weather has thrown in some challenges too, as has food resupply, but we made it through and now contemplate our descent to the plains of Navarre.


GR1 Week 3: Canyons, Canines and a (mini) Crisis

In week 3 the GR1 got tougher as we plunged into the jumbled geology of the Sierra de Cadi. There were some bird highlights, plenty of dog encounters (good and bad), some logistical difficulties, heavy packs and few more hotels than planned. A timely decision at the end made all the difference.

New Year, New Adventures.

Now 2016 has dawned it is high time we set out some plans for the upcoming spring and summer, and what better way to spend our time and energy than long distance hiking…again! Yes, our GR11 experience has left us more keen than ever to get back on the trail, and we have spent a…

GR11 Week 1: Baptism of fire in the Basque hills

Sunset over the Atlantic from Cabo de Higuer Week 1: Cabo de Higuer- Irun- Bera- Elizondo- Burguete (7 days) Distance: 98km.  Altitude gain: 4400m Our 500 mile long journey along the length of the Pyrenees on the mighty GR11 trail began at dawn from Cabo de Higuer on Spain’s north coast.  After plucking a stone from the Atlantic…

Preparations for the Cumbria Way.

Only 5 days to go before we start our Cumbria Way adventure, a 74 mile trail that cuts a swathe through Cumbria from Ulverston to Carlisle. We will wild-camp along the route and carry all our gear on our backs.  We will be using the new Cicerone guide by John Gillham (supplemented by OS Explorer…