Gear List

gearsetup239Our shared gear set-up for 2017.

sologear57My solo gear set-up for 2017- base-weight around 6.2kg.

Having walked the GR11 in the Pyrenees in 2015 and the GR1 across Spain in 2016, we are generally happy with our gear set-up, but still like to look for ways to refine it further. Our current base-weights are between 6.2- 7.5kg (Barry’s is higher), and vary slightly with individual hikes. Our aim is to walk ultralight (5kg base-weight) in the near future, and we have some changes planned for 2017 which we hope will bring us near to achieving this and also improve overall functionality. I’ll be doing a more detailed blog post about this soon. I have also just posted something on how we have learned to hike lighter over the last 2 years here.

Walking hundreds of miles on often rugged trails, with everything we need to keep us safe, fed, and dry on our backs, presents a big challenge that I find constantly intriguing. What follows is an updated list of our current gear. Where possible weights are indicated.

* Base-weight is everything we carry on our backs excluding consumables (food, water, gas), trekking poles and worn clothing.

Sleeping system: 

Western Mountaineering Ultralight (820g)- Rebecca.

Thermarest NeoAir (365g)

Western Mountaineering Megalite (710g)- Barry

Thermarest Prolite (325g)

Sea to Summit 8L ultrasil waterproof stuffsack per sleeping bag.

Shared Shelter System: (Weight shared, approx 800g each)

MSR Hubba Hubba HP

Polychro footprint cut to size (replaces heavier MSR one)

MSR Groundhog mini pegs x 8

Solo Shelter System:

Six Moons Designs Lunar Solo

Load carrying:


Osprey Exos 48 – Rebecca

Osprey Exos 58 – Barry

Trekking poles: 

Black Diamond Trail- Rebecca

Black Diamond Trail ergonomic (cork handles)- Barry


Filter: Sawyer Squeeze + 2L compressible squeeze bags

Purification: LifeSystems Chlorine Dioxide tablets

2 x 900ml plastic Smartwater bottles each

Footwear & Clothing

Trail shoes:

Brooks Cascadia – Rebecca

Salomon XA Pro 3D-  Barry.

Bridgedale Trailhead Coolfusion socks (2prs) each.

Dirty Girl gaiters (1 pair each)


Alpkit Balance jackets

Alpkit Parallax rain pants


Alpkit Arro jacket- Rebecca

Rab Vital jacket- Barry


Montane Anti-freeze down jacket (Barry)

Quecha Forclaz 700 down jacket (Rebecca)

Base layer/Mid layer: Merino wool 210gm weight baselayer: 1 each. + Icebreaker Merino leggings (colder trips)

Shirt: 1 x lightweight, sun protective collared shirt each

T-shirt: 1 x short sleeved, synthetic wicking t-shirt each


1 x Alpkit Koulin trail tights (Rebecca)

1 x Craghoppers hiking pants (Barry)

1 x pair light, quick drying shorts each.

Neck buff: 1 each

Sunglasses: 1 x pair each

Hat: 1 x sunhat + 1 x lightweight fleece beanie each.

Gloves: 1 x pair lightweight thermal Karrimor gloves each.

1 x pair Outdoor Research SPF50 sun gloves (Barry).

Cooking system:

Cooker: MSR Pocket Rocket 2

Adaptor: Edelrid cartridge adaptor (allows Coleman thread and camping gaz ‘easy-clic) to be used on Pocket Rocket stove- For European Trips

Pot: MSR 1.3 L Quick Solo pot (225g)- only used when we walk as a couple.

Kettle/Cup: Alpkit MytiMug 650 ml (used on stove to boil water and then shared as a cup).

Titanium spork (1 each)

Aluminum windshield.

5L food bag each

First Aid & Hygiene:

Basic first aid kit (selection of plasters, 2 antiseptic wipes, safety pins, ibuprofen, compeed, zinc oxide tape, Go Sis rehydration tablets).

Loo roll + Antiseptic hand gel (small bottle)- stored together in a ziploc bag

Small pot Vaseline

Lip balm (medicated)

Sunscreen SPF 50

Small nalgene bottle of camp soap

1 razor

Tooth brush + small tube paste

1 x knee support

Miscellaneous items

1 x headtorch each (Petzel E-Lite/ Energizer)

1 x bug headnet each (Lifesystems)

Victorinox Pen knife Mini Classic SD

2.5m strong lightweight paracord

Tenacious tape

Needle and thread


Compact camera (Sony RX100) + 2 extra batteries & charger

Motorola Moto G 4G smartphone (with GPS app and maps downloaded) + Survivor case

Zendure 10000 MaH Powerpack for charging phone

Anker 2 port USB charger plug + 2 USB cables

SanDisk Sansa Clip Mp3 player + headphones (1 each)



Mini flexible tripod for camera (Gorillapod)

small notebook and pen

Euroshirm Liteflex Swing trekking umbrella (doubles as rain protection): 1 each on selected hikes where we expect very strong sun/high temperatures.

7 thoughts on “Gear List

  1. Preparing for my solo GR11 hike, starting end of May, I managed to reduce my baseweight down to 8,6 kg including tent, NeoAir, cooking stuff, even including a recommended iceaxe and crampons. But I think I will leave them at home saving another 550 grams but risking to hike quite out of the way to avoid steep snowy slopes with hard old snow. Wish you a comfortable lightweight hike. With sunny regards from mountainous west of Austria. HeKra


    • Hi and thanks for your comment. 8.6kg is pretty good, we are still struggling to keep it down to 9kg, although my new sleeping bag (a Western Mountaineering Ultralight) might help. The GR1 is my first hike with a NeoAir- unbelievably comfortable 🙂 What stove are you using?
      There might still be a lot of snow on the GR11 in May…hope you find a way through OK it is a magnificent route. Best of luck and thanks for reading the blog,



  2. Alorrez,
    my total cooking equipment:
    Caldera TiTri – with fuel container (but without fuel) 125 g
    Caldera Inferno wood burning accessory, 65 g
    Evernew Titan-cup with lid, 400 ml 85 g
    Spoon and fork in one (Racelite light my fire) 6 g
    To save weight I will try the Therm-a-Rest Chorus Down Quilt 640 g
    If you would like to see the whole gear list in detail tell me how to provide it.
    Starting date in Cap de Higuer will be on May 23rd.
    with sunny regards


    • Hi Hekra,
      I would be very interested to know what you think of the Thermarest quilt. Barry is looking to change his sleeping bag for a quilt to save weight but there are not so many options in the UK. He really likes the Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt, which is well reviewed and good value (if you live in the USA!). Adding the postage and import tax to send it to the UK though is too much. Be good to know if you think theThermarest quilt is warm enough.

      What shelter are you using also?




  3. Alorrez Rebecca and Barry,
    experiencing is better than thinking. Hopefully I will not freeze with the quilt. I will document temperatures and thermal comfort starting on May 23rd. The tent is Nordisk Telemark II 950 g. Rucksack Black Diamond L45-Quantum 1.339 g – a bit too heavy. I would like to change it to Laufbursche Packraum plus 48 liters, 500 g, but its a question of affordability.
    I will put my gearlist into the download from Dropbox when I am back home on Sunday.
    With sunny regards from cold Vienna


  4. Dear pilgrims,
    Great blog!
    I’d say the weight of ones pack has to do with how little stuff one feels comfortable with. Wildness and the vicinity of shops or people play a role. I walked 2675km to Rome last year, wild camping, without down jacket, goretex, camera, soap, towel, hat or first aid kit, but I did take my watercolor box. I switched to shorts and thinner shirts halfway.
    Your gearlist will no doubt match your experience and expectations, so no use comparing it to anyone else’s.

    But maybe there is some weight loss to be gained from buying stuff.
    Quilts: I tried an Enlightened Equipment quilt and loved it. So versatile it took -5 to +20 night temperature (left Amsterdam 23 feb). Ask me for the specs of mine if needed.
    Backpack: when baseweight is low, try frameless. My MLD Burn (36L) weighs nothing, and takes up to 11-12kg. Above that is uncomfortable. 7-8kg is optimal, sheer fun. Of course, hard to beat the Osprey (I own an Exos 46 for my Scotland trips.)
    Stove: the White Box Stove stole my heart after twenty years of MSR. Best feature: total silence (in a silent forest that really counts), no moving parts. Fuel in every town. Recommended!

    Enjoy your trips!


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