Spring thaw and new plans 2017

The winter has been a frustrating time, and a period of adjustment back to ‘normal life’ after so much freedom and months on the trail. But with new jobs and spring around the corner, we are looking ahead and making plans for hiking in 2017.

West with the sun.

Camped on the Mediterranean coast and poised to begin the GR1, we are tired from travel and frazzled from planning, but the ideals behind the journey are still intact. A final review of thoughts before the long walk west.

New Year, New Adventures.

Now 2016 has dawned it is high time we set out some plans for the upcoming spring and summer, and what better way to spend our time and energy than long distance hiking…again! Yes, our GR11 experience has left us more keen than ever to get back on the trail, and we have spent a…

Wild Atlantic Sunset

Welcome to back to wildpilgrims 2016 and a new-look blog! Although the ‘new year’ is nearly a month old, we’d love to share some pictures of sunset on New Year’s eve on the Atlantic shore of Portugal. Along the vast sweep of beaches there was not a soul to be seen, only the great foaming…